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The final step to completing your aviary is adding the majestic beauties - your birds! You will be mesmerized while you gaze at them in their new home.
They will provide hours of entertainment for everyone of all ages.

Creative Aviaries, LLC raises the Gouldian & Society Finches (shown below) exclusively for their customers. All birds delivered with the aviaries will come with a certified Veterinarian Health Certificate, one-on-one personalized bird training from our expert staff, and a bird-care manual.

Gouldian finch

Lady Gouldian Finches

These beautiful, vibrant birds are originally from Australia. The Gouldian Finch is on the Australian Endangered Species list, so they have to be raised in the United States. They are the most colorful of all the finch species. Gouldian Finches are a little harder to raise because they enjoy their privacy, but they get along well with Society Finches. A number of color combinations have been developed and you may see these in your aviary.
Society finches

Bengalese (Society) Finches

This finch species was developed by the Chinese to raise the young of other species. These birds are excellent foster parents, playful, and sociable. The Society Finches come in a wide variety of shades of white, brown, and tan.

** Other varieties of birds are available upon request. **